Policy and Contract Update


Please take note: Josefina Photography policies have changed and are effective as of May 2018. Absent a formal written contract deviating from the terms below, the terms below are controlling.


All current client contracts will be updated as of May 2018 and past completed contracts will not be honored under the past terms.


All clients will pay a fifty percent (50%) nonrefundable deposit for their shoot that will be applied to the photographs and the photographers time in accordance with a written detailed contract and each job particulars which will naturally vary. The contract shall detail how many edited photographs the client shall receive and when the product is due.


There is an extra charge for expedited photographs and shoots.


Charges are calculated on the time spent taking the photographs and editing the photographs. Changes of location will cost additionally if additional time is involved.


Each additional photograph outside the written contract will be a standard $40 per image. Or, upon request, a negotiated bulk fee, reduced to a writing, may be entered into.


If you wish to purchase any photograph(s) for publication there is an additional fee which will allow you to use the photographs for whatever purpose you so choose. 


NOTE: The work of Josefina Photography is copyrighted. Copyright means that any work that Josefina Photography sends/delivers/uses/posts cannot be re-edited, manipulated, or printed without the express written consent of Josefina Photography. All photos are a digital release only, unless specified otherwise. Unless the photographs are purchased outright, proper credit only to "Josefina Photography" must be provided on EVERY website. Please only use "Josefina Photography" as the credit.


The images of Josefina Photography can NOT be “retouched” with additional Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook filters. Social media filtered work, if desired, can be done by purchasing an unedited image so that you may edit however you wish. 


Violations of these terms will result in terminating an editing timeline, not receiving the rest of the shoot, and a letter from a lawyer.