Photo Credit: Damien Riggs Productions | Gallery Showcase - FIXATE - Washington, DC | August 2017

Photo Credit: Damien Riggs Productions | Gallery Showcase - FIXATE - Washington, DC | August 2017

In A Nutshell:

Josefina is an internationally published fashion, glamour, portrait and sometimes celebrity photographer/retoucher who splits her time between coasts.

Her love for photography began around the age of seven with a tiny throw away camera and has since blossomed into a full-time, life-long passion.

"One of my favorite things to do is to listen to people's stories; how they got to where they are, what they've done and seen, and how they view the world around them. This life is our book, a canvas, a place where we get to create ourselves and help others do the same. In my work I try to capture the very essence of a person - their authenticity and their story. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Because of this, I put a lot into everything I do and can only hope that those that view my work can see the effort that was put into depicting the human spirit."

When not behind the camera, you can find Josefina singing, studying, fetching a cup of coffee or hanging out with her nine animals.


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Josefina in full:

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The Story.

Photo by: Annette Nagle

Josefina's love for photography began around the age of seven with a tiny throw away camera. When she turned twelve, she received her first black and white film camera and began exploring the wonders of a darkroom. In the following years she would learn and work with polaroid, analog, and digital cameras. Focusing mainly on nature, at the time, she had short bursts of exposure through her landscape work thanks to the rise of social media.

At seventeen, she was asked by her school's sports' coordinator if she could shoot for the various teams. Those images would become apart of her high school's history and appeared in the subsequent yearbook, on the schools bulletin boards, and websites. From the ashes of a #MeToo incident rose something beautiful - a passion for art and the dire need to find the truth of every individual. “It starts with stories”, she once heard someone say, “you learn through stories, through others who have been there before.” Using that knowledge, she set forth to create art that would tell a story, searching for that connection, that spark, that would make people want not only to see, but to know more. Through her extensive online networking, she was introduced to one of her all time favorite photographers, Jaime Ibarra - whose work inspired her to chase after the human spirit.

Within a year, she left her landscape work behind in pursuit of capturing the more complex side of photography - humans.

Using whatever tutorials she could find online, she began experimenting in trial versions of photoshop. This eventually lead her out to Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, where she attended a fair number of workshops with prestigious photographers who were at the top of their field - Jaime Ibarra, Alex Manfredini, LUCIMA, Charles Hildreth and Lara Jade. Each workshop inspired her to continue creating and she spent several intensive weekends immersed in her craft with other like-minded artists. 

At just shy of eighteen, she successfully launched the start of her company, "Josefina Photography". Since then, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with some well known models: international fine art model, Dr. Carla Johnson; agency represented models Kate Compton, Theresa Manchester, Jessica Paterson; social media stars, Roarie Yum, Miss Mischief and Alysha Nett, as well as several celebrities: Canadian opera star - Dr. Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber, Actors/Activists - Nina Hartley & Buck Angel, MTV Reality Star - Tila Tequila, and most recently, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina - who made worldwide headlines due to her extraordinary handling of a complex and vile #MeToo case. Josefina has also been published with The Huffington Post, The Elephant Journal, New York City's Playbill, Tattoo'd Lifestyle Magazine (2x), The Atlas Magazine, Tinsel Tokyo, Saskatchewan Songs, Endless Pools & Ingham County Bar Associations’ Magazine - “Briefs”. 

An all around creative, she spends her time on photo-shoots, creative conceptual development, creative-team collaboration, and aggressively marketing and advertising her artistic name.

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The Interview.

Sulavon’s SheShed on the Women’s Broadcast Television Network.

Here, Josefina talks about what it's been like as a female photographer in a very male-dominated industry, where/how she got her start, who inspires her, what irks her THE MOST about social media, and what it's been like developing a business in this technology-filled era!