Photo by: Jessica Stellebotte 

Photo by: Jessica Stellebotte 

Josefina is an internationally published, celebrity, fashion, glamour and portrait photographer/retoucher who splits her time between the coasts.

Her love for photography began around the age of seven with a tiny throw away camera. At twelve, she received her first black and white film camera and began exploring the wonders of a darkroom. In the following years she would learn and work with polaroid, analog, and digital cameras. Focusing mainly on nature, at the time, she had short bursts of exposure through her landscape work.

At seventeen, she was asked by her high school's sports' coordinator if she could shoot for the various teams. Those images would become apart of her high school's history from '08-'10 and appeared in the yearbook, on the schools bulletin boards, and websites. Later that year, she joined a social media network, also known as DeviantArt. There, she was introduced to one of her all time favorite photographers, Jaime Ibarra, whose work inspired her to chase after the human spirit. Within a year, she left her landscape work behind in pursuit of capturing one of the more complex sides of photography - human. Using whatever tutorials she could find online, she began experimenting in trial versions of photoshop.

At eighteen, she successful launched the start of "Josefina Photography". During this time she received lessons from prestigious photographers such as Jaime Ibarra, Alex Manfredini, Charles Hildreth, Lucima, and Lara Jade. Since then, she has the opportunity to collaborate with some well known models: Dr. Carla Johnson,  Kate Compton, Miss Mischief, Theresa Manchester, Alysha Nett, MTV Reality Star Tila Tequila and several celebrities.. Josefina has also been published with Tattoo'd Lifestyle Magazine (with a 3million+ following), in the New York Playbill, The Atlas Magazine, Tinsel Tokyo, Saskatchewan Songs & Endless Pools. 

An all around creative, she spends her time on photo-shoots, creative conceptual development, creative-team collaboration, and aggressively marketing and advertising her artistic name.

"I was born an artist. How I view the world, is much different than how most people see it. For me, it's important to highlight the beauty that is around us - in the people we meet - and the world that we live in. This life is our book, a canvas, something to work with to create ourselves.
What I try to do is capture a story, or at the very least, the person's very essence. I have always aimed for what the 'perfect' image is, in my eyes. Perfection in my art was important to me as a child, and it's important to me now. I try to bring that to every shoot - to highlight the perfect moments of our time. 
I put a lot into everything I do, and I can only hope that those that view my work can see the story within the image that the models and myself create. I also hope that by looking at this website, you get a sense of what beauty looks like to another being - and perhaps even, you'll be inspired to work with me. Everyone deserves to see some type of beauty in their world,
So, thank you for stopping by & supporting what I do.
Peace & Love,